About Us



The Society of Master Mariners, Bangladesh, is an active institution of the highest grade of professional mariners devoted to the service of the maritime industry was established on 5th of September 1987 by a nucleus of distinguished Bangladeshi ship Masters who felt there was need to share their expertise with other ship Masters, the maritime community and the public.
They were concerned with maintaining the standards and prestige of the Bangladesh merchant marine and the ship Master. They also recognised that, in a changing profession, no effective means existed to communicate their insight, gained from the unique experience of vessel services & command, to other segments of the maritime society.

The aim and objectives of the society reflected their concerns. They are:
1. To promote an effective, efficient, prosperous Bangladesh merchant marine which is of maximum benefit to the nation, the ship owner, the mariner, the shipper, the receiver, the financial communities and service to humanity in general.

2. To render a public service by promoting safety in the maritime industry and
Expressing the considered professional opinions of Master Mariners regarding maritime issues

3. To cultivate an attitude of continuing education within the Nautical profession, exchange knowledge, expertise, ideas, information and better understanding through publication of magazines, periodicals, books for the Bangladeshi Mariners.

4. To co-operate with various governmental agencies, private organisations, parties and international organizations for overall development of the Nautical profession and the maritime industry, foster an exchange of information, and promote a spirit of friendship and common purpose among, all organizations whose members are dedicated to a strong Bangladeshi Flag Merchant Fleet

5. To support and encourage improvements in all Nautical facilities & Maritime facilities.

6. The Foster genuine relationship of understanding amongst all members; extend a helping hand to members / members of their families; organise and participate in seminars, conferences, workshops, etc. on maritime matters convened locally or internationally; establish and maintain contacts with other societies, institutions globally.

7. To enhance the rightful prestige of the Bangladeshi Master Mariners.