12 may 2018

This amazing device will assist your bridge crew in the following areas:

  • Piloting of the vessel
    •  Navigation
    •  Collision avoidance
    •  Watch keeping
    •  Weather observations

Amazingly, the 3-Dimensional Flat Screen Reality Display (3D FSRD) can do all this with no external sources of power, no additional computing power, and it permits input from a wide variety of sensors!  No retrofit is required for the majority of vessels, and additional units are already staged worldwide.

Feeling limited by the rate-of-turn (ROT) indicator from your gyrocompass? Perhaps they aren’t mounted in enough areas around the bridge; use the multiple 3D FSRD mounted about the bridge to note the rate of turn by viewing the foremast or other vessel structure moving against the displayed reality of distant objects. Not only is this a suitable alternative to using the gyrocompass-based ROT indicator, but it may actually give you an earlier indication of the vessel movement!

You’ve moved or are moving to electronic charts – perhaps you still have those archaic paper charts laying about the bridge, but they are so two-dimensional and flat. Use the 3D FSRD to translate those flat images into a realistic depiction of aids to navigation and land features. And, so much better than electronic charts or paper charts, the 3D FSRD has automatic updating as a feature!  No matter changing the light characteristic on that buoy from one second to five seconds – it happens automatically and instantly!  

Feeling restricted by the minimum 24” display of your Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS)?  Upgrade to the 74” (or larger!) 3D FSRD and feel the freedom of reality rushing in! It’s almost like you were there!

With electronics companies talking of disrupting the maritime industry with automated vessels, AI and shared-decision making models, be the disruption of bridge technology when you use the 3D FSRD! It’s here! It’s now! It’s called the window.

Let’s be safe out there…and look out the window.


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