20 APRIL 2020 

Safebridge announces free access to its digital certificate management platform myCert as part of a new initiative of the #BeSafe campaign launched to alleviate the adverse impact of the pandemic on the maritime industry and to ensure the welfare of seafarers.

As a third initiative of the #BeSafe campaign, Safebridge has decided to offer free six months access to its digital certificate management platform myCert. The platform allows for a completely contactless creation and distribution of digital certificates. In doing so, Safebridge is enabling seafarers to receive their required certificates and other critical documents while maintaining the social distancing requirements of the COVID-19 protection measures.

Through this initiative, Safebridge does not only give an opportunity to but also actively encourages companies, including training providers, ship owners, ship managers and Flag States to support seafarers by further facilitating social distancing using the means of digital certificates.

“‘yes, we can – yes, we did’, an address announced more than a decade ago. Taken into the context of Covid’19 it reminds us, to do whatever possibilities we have at hand. For seafarers acting at the forefront of our daily supply chain, this initiative can have a direct meaning to saving their jobs, health, and safe travel. With every more partner joining this initiative the benefit will multiply. For all of us. You, your business, your country – BeSafe,” says Prof. Capt. Ralph Becker-Heins, CEO Safebridge.

Furthermore, under the European Commission regulation adopted on March 16th 2020, it has been agreed that all EU internal borders should stay open to freight and the supply chains for essential products must be guaranteed. Subsequently, seafarers crossing the EU borders are required to present internationally recognised certificates of professional competence or in the absence of such, a letter from their employers to establish their bona fides to cross the internal borders. EU has also provided a sample template certificate to be used for such purposes.

In facilitating the compliance with the above-stated regulation, Safebridge has digitalized this certificate template in myCert, which enables any crewing company to issue it digitally and to any of their seafarers for free.

To claim your free access to the myCert digital certificate management platform, please follow this LINK. The registration will remain open for a period of one month starting 15/04.

About #BeSafe Campaign

On March 26th, Safebridge announced the launch of the #BeSafe campaign aimed at alleviating the adverse impact of COVID-19 on seafarers. As part of this initiative, Safebridge granted free access to its portfolio of training courses (worth EUR 100,000) and has also committed to releasing a free comprehensive COVID-19 training course with certification in line with IMO Circular No.4204/Add4. To date, more than 200 individual seafarers and over 60 companies in more than 30 countries affected by the pandemic have claimed free licenses and benefited from this initiative.


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